The Business Continuance Group
The Business Continuance Group


The Group's members are companies who need effective business continuity arrangements to allow them to recover promptly from business interruptions and problems.

The TBCG's membership is representative of a broad cross section of financial and other institutions - we value the different perspectives that come from different continuity goals and resilience challenges. Our members universal banks, global investment banks, retail banks, insurance companies, major retailers, fund managers and finance companies.

Whatever the nature of your own organisation there are lessons to be learnt from other ones, which, seemingly, is why, in addition to the London based contingent, there have been regular attendees at the meetings from as far afield as Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, East Anglia, Bristol and Dorset. This geographic spread adds considerably to the exchange of information.

Membership is restricted by the TBCG Constitution by the phrase “it is anticipated the membership organisations will not exceed 75”. The aim of this is to ensure that we can get to know each other and thus feel comfortable discussing problems and concerns with each other.

Membership is corporate, with an annual subscription. 

Thanks to the active involvement and participation of members in the group’s activities, as well as the hospitality of member organisations, we have, so far, been able to maintain its annual subscription at £50 per annum since its formation.

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